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How to list songs in essays

how to list songs in essays

two tabs change content below. In this case, a numbered list is a courtesy to your reader since referring to point. Tim Murphey, indicates two chief assets in the usage of music and songs in relation to language learning: music is highly memorable; it is highly motivating, especially for children, adolescents, and young adult learners (Murphey 4). Set off this information with a colon, capitalize the first letter of each item and single-space the list. (Lynch, 9 Reasons Why You Should Use Songs to Teach English as a Foreign Language.). The traditions are the part of the country history. Close associations of language and music have rooted in peoples mind very deeply. Teachers who want to keep their students interested and motivated should use songs and music activities, since, according to Larry. Songs are equally suitable for teaching vocabulary at elementary level. Music adds another layer of meaning to a song as it is full of literary devices and figurative language.

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Their advantage lies in the fact that they usually go at slower speed than speeches or dialogues; words, phrases, sentences are being sung which usually means that they are uttered more slowly and often more distinctly than in case of speaking. Also, this type of music supports and increases sapmle compare contrast essay 5 paragraph such things as public spirit and national unity. In other words, probably everyone has tracks that they admire most. Using the observations you've gathered, look for a common thread that ties them together. The role of music and songs in teaching English is very important. So it is natural to teach language with the help of music and songs. Another important issue is whether teachers should always use authentic songs or not. Songs can be a good source of topics for discussion and different classroom activities at elementary level. Through the use of songs English pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar can be effectively taught.

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how to list songs in essays

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