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Chunk paragraph essay

chunk paragraph essay

elaborates on why your CD is important or it informs your reader what it proves. Use the chart to the left to learn about concrete details (CDs). Always write your topic sentence in blue. This sentence will be our main argument, or topic sentence. Somehow, changing the grades changed our hearts theirs and mine. . We know Cinderella is sad, but it does not offer one specific reason for her sadness. She knows her stepmother has abandoned her and does not care about her well being. I love Kidblog because students can publish their work easily and Kidblog has Google Drive integration making it easy to publish writing created in Google Docs. CDs CMs (concrete details) (commentary) What happens in the story? The prompt tells us to write a 2 Chunk Paragraph Click here to learn about 2 Chunk Paragraphs This is a literary response paragraph for school, so we will use 3rd person formal language. Cinderella feels sad in the beginning of the fairytale because she is mistreated by her wicked stepmother.

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Even though school has been out nearly two weeks, I still feel rather sick about this glaring hole in our final unit. Concluding Sentence: 10 what the color commentator would say 1CD: 2CM. Label CD1 and CD2 in red ink on your T-Chart Eliminate all CDs that are not related. Screecastomatic account and inserted into our Canvas learning platform for both my 7th and 8th grade writing courses. Must be a specific point. Students did all drafting directly in Google Docs and once the paragraph draft was completed, the draft could be shared with me for virtual feedback. Changing the grades didnt just change the classroom atmosphere or the students work ethic or my paper load. Now we need to figure out what they have in common. Getting Beyond the 5-Pargraph Model: What Should Paragraphs Do? The character feels _ What does the character do? 16, not sure what a topic sentence is? The whole point of a chunk paragraph is to prove the opinion given in your topic sentence.

 These approaches made it possible to engage in meaningful formative assessment with students and to identify any areas that needed help or reteaching either with 1:1 instruction, additional resources shared through the Google Doc, and/or redirecting the students back to Videos 2 and 3 and. Abandoned Now we need to match a CM (commentary) with CD1 (concrete detail) Which adjective best describes how Cinderella feels when she is not allowed to have nice rests and comforts? And concludes your paragraph.  This example is one I wrote as I wanted to model for students the writing I was asking them.

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